Okay, I got the X-Lab Flat Wing installed. I got the X-Nut situation resolved, and got it installed. It holds my CO2 cartridges, and Micro-Flate okay. It looks kind of wierd having the one CO2 cartridge pointing down. I bought a couple Specialized bottle cages at the local bike shop. So I was ready to install the cages and X-Straps.
One of the first things I noticed was the X-Straps seem kind of lightweight. I have read a review where they mentioned having them wear out after a few months. I can see why. The next thing I noticed was the metal eyelet where the screw goes through. It is kind of thick. As per the directions, I inserted the screw through the bottle cage bracket, then through the eyelet of the X-Strap. Then I went screw this into the top hole which goes through the side plate of the Flat Wing. I found the screw seemed to be a little short to go through all this stuff. It didn’t leave much threads to actually screw in to the spacer part.
I did manage to mount both X-straps using the bottom screws. I placed one X-strap on each side.
Okay, now I went to attach my spare inner tube. The strap has two ends. One end has a plastic piece through which the other end seems to be supposed to go through. I routed the end of the one side though the plastic part, and attempted to attach the velcro to itself. But the strap seemed too long to hold just my spare tube. The part I pull through has the velcro hooks. The rest of the strap has the velcro loops. But the part with the hooks pulls so far through when trying to hold just a tube, that now there is only the velcro loops trying to stick to the velcro loops. It is like the strap was designed to hold anything as small of diameter as just a spare tube. It’s like it wants something about the diameter of a pop can.
I sent an email to X-Lab to ask about these things.
Added 6/12
I hear back yesterday from Xlab. They have very good customer service. I wish all companies were so good. They said the screws are usually long enough, but if they weren’t they were a standard size. I could take them into a local bike shop to get longer ones, or they were will to send me some. As for the length of the straps, they said they were designed to be able to hold a tubular tire. But I could wrap the strap around a couple tubes, or wrap it around the single tube more than once. I did the wrap it around more than once thing, and this worked. I still think the design could be a little better for the straps.