I converted a Trek 700 hybrid style bike to a cyclocross style bike, with drop bars, etc. I started building the bike also a year ago for an off-road duathlon race that is occuring this coming weekend. But then I saw the weather report. 4 days of rain. The bike I built as relatively skinny tires. Not designed for full out mud. So I started thinking I might be better off with the mountain bike with it’s fatter tires.
I intended to ride my road bike on the wind trainer last night instead. But instead I ended up recaulking the bathtub and never rode the bike on the trainer…oh I did ride a bike…I took my homebuilt cyclocross bike out on the road to test it. I had some problems with the front derailluer last time I rode it. I was having problems shifting last night. I need to replace the front derailluer, but no time before the race this weekend. I tweaked it, and got it to shift better. Then riding down a hill, I turned to ride up my driveway and shifted down…apparently not far enough (or soon enough), as it was tough to pedal up the hill. So I really started pushing on the pedals to get up the hill…and the chain snapped.
So I guess I will ride my mountain bike….probably a better choice anyway with the predicted 4 days of rain and there will likely be a lot of mud. More than the other bike was designed for.