I signed up for the Century next month on my 44th bday (August 25th). My wife and I went for a nice relaxing drive along the course this last weekend. Some of those hills look frigging scary. I might have been better off going in with my eyes closed!!! The 100 mile distance doesn’t bother me much. But those hills AND the 100 miles…!!! There are some nice downhills, but often they end at stop signs, and where you lose all of your momentum!!! :(

I had planned on taking my 1990 Trek 1000. It’s relatively light with an Aluminum frame. Nice skinny tires (700×23). I need to overhaul it sometime though. But not sure how friendly it will be on those hills with it’s gearing. I was thinking today that I could possibly take my homemade cross bike (converted from a 2000 Trek 700 multitrack hybrid). I currently have 700×32 tires on it. It has a heavier ChromeMoly frame. But it has a triple chainring on the front, and a Shimano Megarange freewheel on the back. So nice low gearing. I could always put skinnier tires on it.

Trek 1000

Trek 700