The Schwinn Sports Tourer bike I have been working on had pretty much all the parts except for the wheels. There was a rear wheel, but it is not in good shape. It is a Weinman 27 inch by 1 1/4 inch wheel made in Belgium. I trued it as best I could, but some of the spokes are still loose. Most of them are kind of rusty as well. And there was no front wheel at all.
So I have been watching Craigslist hoping to score a 27 inch front wheel at least. Yesterday I saw a list for a 27 inch by 1 1/4 inch wheel. The listing had pictures. It turned out the wheel was a Weinmann wheel made in Belgium! AND the guy also had a rear wheel available. And he was only asking $5 each! He said they came off an 80’s Raleigh.
I emailed him asking if the wheels were still available. He said yeah. I made arrangements to meet him, and check them out. Both wheels were in very good shape, though one wheel needs the hub overhauled. I bought the wheels, and consider it a great deal.
I compared the wheels to the wheel I already had. The hubs look a little different. I can swap over the spoke protector, and freewheel, etc. Or with wheel in hand, I can always try to rebuild the old wheel. Maybe buy some new spokes, etc. I have the Park Truing Stand. And I have a couple books on how to do it. I have just never done it.