I have never worn a bike helmet. When I was a kid, I rode my stingray bike everywhere without a helmet. We used to jump over ramps, and go flying down steep hills, and doing all kinds of crazy things with no problems. Later, I rode many miles on my road bikes with no problems. I usually wear a cycling cap, or a baseball cap. When I have ridden motorcycles (street and dirt bikes), I have always worn a helmet. But when I am riding a bicycle, I am usally not riding nearly as fast. But not wearing a helmet is my choice. In New York, kids have to wear helmets, but adults are not required to. I will probably buy a helmet though. I am interested in racing in a duathlon, and see that they require a helmet.
I look at many of these laws and regulations with amusement, and think sarcastically “how did we survive our childhoods without all of these new laws?”