My Trek 700 came with v-brakes. But since I am converting it to a cyclocross type bike, I need to replace the brake levers. My choice of road bike type brake levers is limited to the Dia Compe 287-v’s. But looking at pictures of many current production cyclocross bikes, I noticed they have cantilever brakes. I finally decided to change remove the v-brakes, and replace them with cantilever brakes. I already have some cantilever brakes from a Specialized Crossroads hybrid bike that I bought for parts. The Trek 700 frame doesn’t have the housing stop braised onto the seat tube. But I found that I can buy cable hangers for only a couple bucks. In fact I bought both the front cable hanger, and the rear cable hanger from Amazon. That opens up my options for brake levers. I ended up buying a pair of Shimano Exage SLR brake handles last night on eBay. In the end, it is going to be much cheaper, and I think I will have brakes better suited to the racing I will be doing.