The project is coming along. I have overhauled the hubs, bottom bracket and headset. I removed the mountain style handlebar. I haven’t gotten then Revoshift twist style shifters off the cables yet. I still need to find some new friction shifters. I am leaning to barcon bar end to shifters. Down tube shifters are still a possibility, but the downtube is oversized makng it harder to fit. I replaced the original freewheel with a Shimano Megarange freewheel. The original was labelled Sunfire. The gearings are approximately the same. I bought a new new (used) crankset with Biopace chainrings. The crankset that came on the Trek 700 was cheap and has poor qualiy chainrings. I installed the new crankset, but found the small ring rubs agains’t the frame. Both cranksets are triple ring. but apparently the offset is different. So I reinstalled the original crankset for now.
I got some drop style handlebars off of a Schwinn Sports Tourer that I picked up for $20. I am probabl going to list the Sports Tourer frame on eBay. I just wanted the handlebars, and possible the stem. But the stem doesn’t fit my Trek. I am currently watching some eBay auctions for a quill stem, and some bar end shifters.
I have almost a year before I plan to race the bike. Plenty of time!
Trek 700 Cyclocross project