I have never ridden a century before. The longest ride I have done was a 50 miler that was actually about 55 miles. That was a tough hilly ride. Then this last weekend I did a 30 mile mountain bike race that was very tough terrain.
I saw a Tour De Cure (American Diabetes Association) was going to take place here in Rochester, but it was on a weekend that I already had commitments. It sounded like it might be a challenging course. But I looked and saw that there was another Tour De Cure taking place in Buffalo a week earlier. I found the directions for the course, and worked them up in TopoRoute.
Here is the route (there is a one short goof in there though):
I checked the elevation, and saw the course seems to be relatively flat. I saw relatively. It looks like there might be alot of shallow rolling hills. There is a climb around mile 45 to mile 62. But that is about 400 feet. Thats 400 feet over 17 miles. I may not even notice it! I plan on taking it easy and having a nice relaxing ride. It’s not a race! Still 100 miles is 100 miles!
I am hoping to get out this weekend for a 50 mile training ride.

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