Scott Parr - Tales from the Toolbox: Inside a Pro Cycling Team

Tales from the Toolbox: Inside a Pro Cycling Team by Scott Parr

SUMMARY: An enjoyable read. Interesting look at behind the scenes of a profressional cycling team.

I enjoy working on bikes. It is alot of fun to tear a bike down, and clean it up, re-grease it, and put it back together. And it’s alot cheaper to rebuild a bike than a car. That it is why I was drawn to this book. This book follows the author as he works as a “wrench” (bicycle mechanic) for the Motorola racing team. He describes building up the bikes before the season, building wheels on a large scale, maintaining the bikes in hotel rooms or parking lots late at night, or early in the morning. The bike mechanics also have to do things like wash the team vehicles, and bikes. He discusses what goes into setting up the bikes for particular races. The wheels that you use for one race may be completely wrong for another. There is some talk about Lance Armstrong in the book, but he only receieves minor attention.
The author also gives tips on bike selection and maintenance throughout the book. If you like reading about bike racing, or bike repair, I think you will enjoy this book.
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