I ordered the adaptor for my older Trek 1000 that will convert it from a quill type stem to a threadless type stem. Having it use a threadless stem will open up the opportunities to get my bike fitted. In order to remove the quill stem from the old handlebars, I will need to strip at least half of the handle bar tape. I already have some black handlebar tape at home, but I may go buy another roll of something wilder looking than straight black. Something with a pattern. I will also need to remove on of the brake levers as well to get the quill stem off.
I was thinking last night that since I am going to be doing all this, maybe I will go ahead and swap out the handlebars all together. I have another set of handlebars on my homemade cyclocross bike. They are a new style and look nicer anyway. I was planning on parting out the cross bike anyway. I will have to double check that the handlebars will fit the stem I already have. I think they will.
New style stem, new style handlebars, and new handlebar tape will update the look of the bike. Then I can get it fitted as well. This will breathe new life into my old bike. Wish I have brifters. Brifters probably would work with my older 7 speed free wheel. I would probably need an 8, 9 or 10 speed cassette. Which would mean buying a new wheel. And I would need a new derailleur, and chain, and then probably new front rings, and maybe derailleur. All this assumes the new wheel would fit in my older frame.
I guess I will just be happy to have my older bike fit better. I have no problem with shifters on the downtube.