I was spinning tonight to the Spinervals 24-Hillacious DVD. Whenever I shifted into the big gear on the front, and the smallest cog on the back (13 teeth), I would get a very annoying squeaking. I didn’t get the squeaking on the next cog up (14 teeth). I only got the squeaking on the smallest cog, and only when I was really cranking. I had gotten this previously and I had lubed everything up. It helped for a little bit, but not fully, and not for long.
So tonight after multiple sets of cranking I was getting very annoyed with the squeaking. I kept trying to figure out what was causing it.
I noticed if I pulled the shifter back a little, but not enough to shift it back to the 14 tooth cog, the squeaking went away. After thinking about it, I started wondering if it was the derailleur pulleys that were squeaking. I paused the DVD, got off the bike and examined the rear derailleur. I tightened the limiting screw and found that it was way out. Maybe it had worked its way loose. I adjusted it down to where the derailleur would shift to the smallest cog, and the pulleys would line up. This worked and the squeaking was gone.
I got back on the bike, hit play on the DVD player, and finished my workout. It was a good workout. I am hoping to go for a 45-50 mile ride this weekend. Hopefully on my new bike which is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. :)