I have bought a handfull of Spinning DVDs. I have a couple of the Spinervals series of spinning fitness DVDS (1.0 No Slackers Allowed, and 24.0 Hillacious). I have one of Chris Carmichael’s Train Right DVDs (Time Trial). And I have Rides Volume 2-Las Vegas, Valley Of Fire. I also have a free Chris Carmichael DVD that I got as a promo.
I have watched one of the Spinervals DVDs while I was running on my treadmill. I haven’t worked out to it though. I have also watched the free Chris Carmichael dvd.
The only DVD that I have ridden my bike to so far was the Rides Las Vegas DVD. I really enjoyed working out to that one. While most of the DVDs show a group of riders in a room with all of their bikes mounted in trainers, the Rides DVD shows the riders actually out riding on the road. So while I was spinning on my bike, I can see actually scenery. It is nice to see the hills when I am cranking on the pedals.
I liked Rides Volume 2, that I want to get Rides Volume 1 which has the riders going through the Rockies.
The resistance on my Cycleops Wind trainer left a little to be desired. I was in top gear with no more left to go. I downloaded the manual, and learned I needed to crank the knob down harder. Once it touches the wheel, I needed to turn it 2 or 2-1/2 turns. That seems to give it more resistance. But I will see how it works next time I do spin training.