I have a handfull of these Spinervals DVDs, and similar. This one was only 45 minutes long, so I was thinking how tough could it be. But this was a tough workout!
There was a short warmup. The first set was spinning for a minute and shifting to pregressively harder gears, each for a minute. Then there was set of superspinning where I was supposed to spin at 120 rpm or faster. I don’t have any thing to measure my cadence, so I just spun as fast as I could. After a short rest there was a simulated time trial race. I got about a minute into this, and had to take a short rest! Wow, I was gasping for breath.
After a short break, I got back on the bike and started up again. I was able to keep up with the prologue set. The last set was 30 second of superspinning, followed by 20 or 30 seconds of cranking in top gear, first sitting, then standing. Then after 10 seconds of easy spinning, the set continued. After this last set, there was a 5 minute cooldown. It was a tough workout! My legs felt like they were swollen. If you was a short, but hard workout, this one is pretty good!