I found this and it sounded interesting:

It says mountain bikes/cross bikes only. The whole course seems to be on roads, but most of the roads are dirt roads/seaonal use roads/tractor trails. The description mentions easy single track, but following the write up of the course, I didn’t see where there were any. Maybe on the shorter courses?

I am planning on riding my mountain bike, but will put on narrower cross tires. I currently have a pair of Panaracers that are 26×1.25. But there isn’t much tread on them. They are more road tires. They might work though. I ordered a pair of Schwalbe CX Pro Sport 26×1.35 tires. There are more cyclocross tires with a knobby tread. These would probably work pretty well. I will probably try mounting these and see what kind of rolling resistance they have.

I will probably try mounting my aerobars as well. I haven’t used them on my mountain bike yet.

Check out the course profile:

It should be fun.