I just ordered another pair of Shimano PD-M520 clip-less pedals. I got em on eBay brand new in the box, and they come with cleats! I already have a pair of the m520’s on my tri-bike, and something similar on the road bike I use for spinning. They are really mountain bike pedals, but I like em on my road bikes as well. One, they are not that expensive, and I like that they are dual sided.
I may install these new ones onto my tri-bike, and take the ones on my tri-bike and actually install them onto my mountain bike. Mountain bike pedals on a mountain bike. What a novel idea.
I have been want to do a long ride on the canal path. But the canal path is partly paved, partly graveled, and partly dirt road. I think it even becomes a dirt trail at some points. I don’t want to take my good road bikes on it! So I am planning to take my mountain bike with the cyclocross tires. I may mount my aerobars onto it as well. But I wanted clip-less pedals on it. I could have just pulled them off one of my other bikes. But I don’t want to be transferring the pedals back and forth a lot. I figure it will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the threads, and just be a major inconvenience.
So maybe if they come this week, I will do a long ride on the canal path next weekend. I think I have some spare tubes for that bike. I will have to check.