While overhauling my older Trek 1000 (1990 model), I opened up the bottom bracket. It was the older style with loose bearings. I went to the local bike shop to order a new style sealed cartridge bottom bracket. The spindle that was on my existing bottom bracket was 116mm long. But Shimano apparently doesn’t make a sealed BB that size. The catalog showed a 115mm model, and a 118mm model. The guy ordered the 115mm bottom bracket as that was the closest, but said he would get the 118mm model if the 115mm version wasn’t available.
Not knowing for sure when the new bottom bracket would be in, I cleaned all the parts, packed the cups and bears with grease, and reinstalled the bottom bracket.
Well I got a call Wednesday saying the BB was in. So I headed down to the bike shop. The guy managed to get a 117mm bottom bracket from some place. Cool. He asked if I needed the installation tool. I opened the box to look at the cups, and said no, I have that tool.
I have a 50 mile bike ride on Saturday, so I debated about whether to wait until after the ride to install the new sealed bearing bottom bracket, or install it now. I decided it wouldn’t take long to install it.
So I removed the cranks, then removed the older bottom bracket. The bearings were still held inside the cups with the grease.
Installation of the sealed cartridge bottom bracket was easy. I just screwed in the bracket from the chain ring side. This side screws in the opposite direction (counter clockwise). I used my splined bottom bracket tool to tighten it. I screwed in the plastic cup part on the other side, and tightened it with the tool. I reinstalled the cranks. When previously installing the cranks I worried about over tightening the bolts that press the cranks onto the tapered spindle. So this time I used my torgue wrench. My book said to torque then to 305-390 inch pounds. So I started started tightening then bolts, and was torquing them pretty good, and was not even up to 200 pounds. I decided that that was enough. Hopefully they don’t fall off. Maybe tonight I will pull the caps off and tighten them a little more.
I checked the shifting, and the chain had some difficulty making it onto the big ring. So I adjusted the limiting screw, and got the shifting working perfectly.