I have been watching Craigslist for bikes. I have wanted to get a road bike, with an eye towards a Trek. I have also been watching eBay as well. Besides wanting a road bike, I also wanted parts for my Trek 700 hybrid/cyclocross conversion project. I need drop bars, brake levers, and friction shifters. I saw someone list a Schwinn Sports Tourer bike on Craigslist for $20. It was missing the front wheel. Heck, the local bike shop wanted to charge me $15 for a set of old steel drop style handlebars and brake levers that looked like they came off of a Free Spirit! I did a search, and found that the frame from the Sports Tourer bike had fillet brazed joints, and was desirable. I saw one guy had converted a Sports Tourer into a fixed gear racing bike. I figured I would buy the bike for $20, but wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. I thought I could maybe restore it and use it as a road bike until I found a good deal on a Trek. Or I could use the drop bars, and part out the rest on eBay. Some of the Schwinn Sports Tourers seemed to be outfitted with Campagnolo components. Well plans cemented this morning as I bought an early 90’s Trek 1000 on eBay for a little over a $100 plus shipping. So that will be my road bike.
I went off at lunch to look at the bike. The front wheel was gone I knew. The rear wheel was a little wobbly, but might be able to be fixed. The frame look to be in decent condition. A little rust on scratches. There was one tiny dent (ding) on the top tube. The drop style handlebars looked usable. The stem is usable, but has the bolt head sticking up on top, and not recessed like the newer kind. The brake levers have those lazy man’s brake lever extensions. The shifters are mounted on the stem, so are not what I want. The components don’t appear to be Campagnolo. The rear derailleur said “Le Tour” or something like that. The bike is out in my car, but I will look closer at it when I get home tonight. I will do more research on the individual parts to figure out what I will do with it. But for $20, I think it was a good deal. Not sure what the frame will sell for on eBay, but it would make a great base for project bike.
The handle bars are aluminum which is cool. I will need to clean up the one side though. I looks like the handlebar tape caught fire and melt on. The stem is slightly smaller diameter than the stem already on my Trek 700. So I don’t think it will work. I am looking at getting aero brake levers instead of using the one from the Schwinn. I thin they will work with these handlebars. I know I have seen som handlebars that actually have a trough for the cable sit in. But I don’t think that is required.