I bought the Schwinn Sports Tourer bike a couple years ago for $20 off of Craigslist. I originally bought it for the handlebars, but knew the frame was desirable to some people for it’s fillet brazed joints. I have had it sitting out in my garage collecting dust. But I recently hauled it in to my house, and put it up on my bike repair stand. The chain was kind of rusty and some links were frozen. I sprayed it heavily with WD-40 and managed to get all the links loosened up. I will later take my Park chain cleaning tool and clean it up, and then lube it with proper chain lube. Or I might just replace the chain.
Last night I pulled the rear wheel off. It was very out of true. When I spun the cranks, the whole bike would wiggle in the repair stand. Part of this was due to the reflector making the wheel totally out of balance. But also because the wheel was going side to side. I mounted the wheel on my Park truing stand, and worked on truing it. I am a complete novice at truing wheels, but I got the wheel to stop moving side to side. Some of the spokes are kind of loose, and other seem pretty tight. So the wheel might be bent some, or maybe need to be totally rebuilt, or replaced.
Not sure how much money or work I want to put into the bike. Probably little to no money at this point. I may just work on clean in it up, and use what I have lying around the house. The cables are all in really bad shape. But cables are pretty cheap, and I think I have some of those already in my bike tool box. I just need to scrounge up a 27 inch front wheel. I can maybe borrow the one from my Raleigh Reliant.
It may make a nice winter project. Maybe I can try it and see how it compares to my Raleigh Reliant as a bike that I can ride to the pool and for doing errands and stuff. I think the frame is about the right size. And I think it is a better quality bike than the Taiwan made Raliegh. But now so good that it will be a magnet for bike thieves.