While cleaning the drivetrain on my Trek 1000 road bike, I pulled the back wheel off. I was going to remove the freewheel, and looked to see which tool I would need (Shimano, or Suntour). I looked at the free wheel, and was suprised to see it wasn’t a Shimano or Suntour brand. It was some brand called Sachs. Hmmm. I bought the bike used, and thought that the previous owner had stuck some cheap freewheel on the bike. My Shimano freewheel remover tool worked, and pulled the free wheel off the bike. I cleaned and inspected everything. I cleaned the freewheel, and noticed these little nicks along the front of all the teeth. It looked like the cheap freewheel had gotten chewed up a bit. No problem. I would replace it with a Shimano. I even searched eBay and found a Shimano Hyperglide freewheel that I could get for under $20 including shipping.
I wasn’t sure about the gearing on my current free wheel, so I looked up what I had posted previously from the original eBay listing. I saw that I had posted it had a Sach (sic) 12-28 freewheel. Hmmmm… The Shimano was 14-28. Probably close enough.
But out of curiousity, I did a search for info about Sachs freewheels. Apparently Sachs is some cheap made in china freewheel, but is made in France by a company named Sachs-Millard. And the the little nicks I saw on the teeth were actually steps and were part of a quick shifting system (SRAM). I took a closer look at the chain and saw it was made in France too. The pins all had little outcroppings that would apparently catch the nicks on the teeth. So my freewheel and chain are made in France. If I want to go the Shimano HG freewheel, I would also want to get a new Shimano HG chain. I have seen the parts on eBay, and can switch over to the Shimano stuff for under $40. Not sure what that would buy me other than to get the French parts off my bike. I wonder if the used Sachs freewheel and chain would have resale value on eBay. I would have to look.