I am currently training for the Buffalo marathon, among other races. I wanted to go riding, and so did my wife. But I was/am scheduled to run 24 miles today (I should be running now, but I am procrastinating). Anyway, I decided to combine things. My wife rode her bike, and I ran. We did a 6 mile round trip ride/run along the canal path. I installed a bike computer on her bike last night…actually replaced the intermittent working one that she had, last night. So I had her hold a pace of 5mph, or at least as close as possible, and I just ran beside her. I really don’t like running a lot, but I am okay at it, and it is good for me. I kind of wished that I had been riding my bike. I really enjoy bike riding more than running. Maybe I should give up marathon running, and start training to ride a century. That could be fun. I ordered a book about training for a century, but it hasn’t come yet. Not sure I’ll have a lot of time to pursue it this year as I already have a lot of stuff scheduled. Maybe… Maybe next year.