I am looking at buying a road bike for my wife. She has really been getting into bike riding on the mountain bike that I bought her. All of our trip have been along the canel path, and we have thus far covered from Palmyra almost to Pittsford. We keep doing small sections of it.
So I have been thinking that she might like riding on the road as well. A road bike has a lot less rolling resistance, and we could do maybe long trips. We might also be able to join in a group ride. Who knows, maybe one of these days, we can do a century together or something.
I have an older 1990 Trek 1000 road bike. I need to take it out, now that the weather has been nice. But I am debtaing about what she might like. I can look for a road bike like my Trek, but in her size. But I am wondering how much she will like the bent over postion. She might be happier on a hybrid type bike. I could always put skinnier tires on it. Also a hybrid would be more likely to have the lower gearing (ie a granny gear).
I will keep my eyes on the local ads, and on eBay, and craigslist. Who knows, maybe I will find something at a garage sale.
I do have the Specialized Crossroads parts. Maybe I can get that into shape enough for her to ride.