After having problems installing the bracket for the Master bike lock so that the lock can actually slide into place for storage, I returned it. I looked through the other bike locks that they had, and chose a Kryptonite bike lock. It has a keyed lock instead of a combination lock, mean I will have to carry a key with me. I am wondering if I should have maybe gotten a bike lock with a heavier cable. Kryptonite on their website lists the type of cable I got as “Perfect for Quick Release Component and Accessory Lock-Up!” It looks like the prefered type lock is the U-Lock. The problem I have with a U-Lock, is it maybe be more difficult to find something to lock the bike to. Also, I would have to remove the front wheel every time, so I could lock it up also. Of course how often am I going to be locking it up. Maybe I should have both a U-Lock, and a cable.