When I got my Trek 1000 used on eBay, the handlebar tape looked like crap. It was dirty white and worn, with first aid tape. I striped it off, and bought some red cork tape, and after reading different ways how to wrap the bars, I applied the red tape. The red tape tape when stretched actually looked kind of pink-ish. I thought it still looked red, but not the red of the markings on my bike.
I rode my bike in a recent 50 miler, and afterwards decided I wanted to try something different. I want to see what it would look like with black tape. I bought some black cork tape, pulled the old red tape off, and wrapped the bars. It came out pretty good. It was a bit thick around the brake levers though. But then I saw an article in Bicycling Magazine about how to tape the handle bars. They did it a bit differently, but I liked hwo they did it.
I attempted to unwrap the black tape, and then to re-wrap it, the tape with the adhesive back got trashed during the unwrapping process. Grrrrr.
So the next day I bought some new tape. This time, I spent a little more, and bought some better tape, with a non-adhesive backing. Last night, I removed the wrecked taped, cleaned the handlebars, and wrapped the bars with the new tape. They came out great! I video’d the process of wrapping the handlebars, and uploaded it to YouTube: How To Wrap Bicycle Handlebar Tape.