The front derailleur (Shimano RSX FD A410) on my recumbent is shot. It just wont shift to the big ring. I think the cage is bent. The RSX group was the lowest in of the Shimano road groups, so I am guessing the quality of the part was not as high as some of the better groups. So it might have just worn out. I searched ebay looking for another derailer that had a 1 1/8 inch clamp, was designed for a triple chain ring, and would work with a 7 speed chain.
I found a Shimano Deore DX M650. It is actually a mountain bike derailluer. I thought I would give it a shot, so I ordered it.
I came in the mail Monday. I installed it monday night. The Deore DX derailluer easily shifts the chain on to the big ring. I like how it swings the cage up and out, instead of down and out.
The one problem is the cable pull is different. I need to twist the grip shift much hard to shift. I am concerned it will damage the shifter. So I may look for another RSX FD A410, or possibly a RSX FD A417.