Check out my repair stand plans!

I wanted a repair stand so that I could more easily work on my bikes. I checked eBay, and from what I could, the best repair stands were made by Park Tools. But the Park Tools repair stands were expensive, and more than I wanted to pay. There were other repair stands on eBay beside the ones made by Park Tools, but they just didn’t look as sturdy. I searched the net for repair stand plans and found a few different one. The simplest was to put a couple eye-bolts in the ceiling, and suspend the bike by ropes. I tried this out in my garage, but it was cold, and will likely only get colder. And it just wasn’t sturdy. Also, when I removed the front wheel, the center of gravity shift, and the bike canted. And the ropes always seemed to be in the way.
None of the plans I found seemed to be exactly what I wanted. But I liked the clamp design that I found in a couple of them.
Homemade repair stand clamp
So I took that and with my own additions made a floor stand. The first try was too tall with the clamp being 64″ off the floor. The local sporting good store had a repair stand (Park Tools) set up. I went there and measure it with a tape measure. The height. They had the clamp set at 59.5″ So I took the pipe that is the main post for my stand, and had 5 inches removed, and rethreaded. Now the height is about perfect. And the stand is pretty sturdy. I had the bike clamped in it, and was seriously torqueing on it when I was trying to remove the cranks and bottom bracket.
Homemade repair stand