I took my new (used) recumbent bike out for a ride yesterday after I got home from work. I have ridden bikes for many year, but I have never ridden a recumbent before. I was a little unsure of how get started without falling over and damaging myself or the bike. I found instructions for a different brand of recumbent, but figured the instructions would be about the same. It suggested shifting into a moderate gear. So I shifted in the middle ring on the front, and the middle cog on the back. It also suggest starting with the crank on the stronger leg side pointed at 12 o’clock position. A friend of mine wanted me to video my first riding attempt. I think she wanted to see me fall on my butt. I was determined not to fall. I set up the camera on a tripod. I got the bike ready, on a slight downhill section of road figuring that would give me a slight edge in staying upright. I started the camera, and sat on the bike. I got my right foot on the pedal, and gave a strong push to get me going. I brought my left fot up on the the left pedal, and started pedaling. The bike was wobbly at first. The steering very wierd compared to what I am used to on an upright bike. I nearly swerved into the grass a couple times. I passed a cyclist coming the other way, and shouted “Not bad for my first time on a recumbent!” I did a u-turn that took the whole road and more. I found myself on the grass. I did manage to turn around without falling. I road back to the start, and stopped the camera.
Here is video of my first recumbent ride.