I have a couple nice bikes. But I wanted something that I could ride to the store, or to the community center to go swimming, and that I could lock it up out front, and not worry too much about it being stolen. I don’t trust leaving my tri bike cabled to a bike rack!

I had been watching Craigslist and saw a guy had a couple 10 speed bikes for sale. At least one was pictured and was a Raleigh, and he wanted $50. He said he had another that needed a tune up and wanted $25. I emailed the guy in the morning asking about frame sizes and asking if I could come over after work.
When I got home from work, I hadn’t heard from the guy, so I was getting ready to go out for a bike ride on my tri-bike. I was all dressed and getting to heard out the door when I noticed I got an email from the guy. He didn’t know frame sizes, but was available til 7:30 that night or the next morning. I had to work in the morning, so that was out. I emailed the guy and told him I could come over now, and gave my phone number. He called me, and gave me an address. I changed out of my bike clothes, threw my bike rack in the trunk, and grabbed a few tools and a tape measure.
When I got there, I looked at the bikes, both Raleighs. I measured the frames. Unfortunately, the $25 bike was too small for me. But the $50 bike was about the perfect size. It was a Raleigh Reliant. I checked it out top to bottom. Everything looked okay. It was actually pretty clean. The tires were a little soft having be pumped up with a frame pump. But the bike rode well.
I asked if he could come down a little bit, but no. So I bought it for $50. The bike was made in Taiwan, so probably a low end bike. I checked out the serial # under the bottom bracket which started with “M03-80-“. I think the M is for Malaysia. I think the rest means it was made in March of 1980. The frame is steel, and the wheels are 27 inch. I am going to leave the reflectors on as I might ride it at night, though I would get some lights. I will probably clean up the drivetrain, but not clean up the frame much. I did take off the kickstand. There is foam on the handlebars. I am debating about leaving it on, or wrapping them with tape. Basically, I WANT the bike to look like an old worthless bike (that wont get stolen), but I want a decent solid ride.

Oh, and I might put pedals on with toe cages.
Raleigh Reliant

So hopefully I can get some extra miles in while running errands, or going swimming.