Having a new aerodynamic bike, I wanted aerodynamic water bottles. I researched what would be the most aerodynamic water bottles, and I came up with a couple. One, I could mount a standard water bottle on the downtube, and it will according to wind tunnel tests, will make the bike more aerodynamic than without the bottle. But I also found another water bottle system, the Razor water bottle from Profile Design. It also fits on the downtube, and I believe it is supposed to be even more aerodynamic. I ordered the bottle with the carbon fiber cage. The downside is it only holds about 20oz of water.
Another water bottle system that increases the aerodynamics of the bike is the AeroDrink system, also by Profile Design. This is an aerodynamically shaped bottle that is mounted between the aerobars. It has a straw that sticks up so the rider can drink while maintaining an aerodynamic position. I think this will be useful. It also holds about 32 oz of water. When I did a long training ride last weekend, I found that I didn’t drink enough water. I think if the bottle were right there in my face, I would at least take occasional sips. Now one drawback of the AeroDrink bottle system was that it didn’t have a cap. It had this stupid yellow mesh sponge thing that was jammed into the bottle mouth. But everthing I have read about this was bad. People would hit a bump and water would slosh out. But I emailed Profile Design, and found out the newest version of the AeroDrink bottle has a cap. Most places I looked at still had the old version. Even the local bike shop. I asked them about ordering one. They looked and found them back ordered. But I found a place online that had the new version. So I ordered it. It should arrive later this week. I can get it mounted, and do some training rides with it. I think it will come in handy for my century ride in a couple weeks. Having two bottles will be useful since I can load one with water, and one with Gatorade maybe.