I ordered a Profile Design Aerodrink system for my bike. Unfortunatly the place I ordered it from sent the older design bottle, not the newer design bottle that they actually have displayed on their website. When I get all that straightened, I will describe the saga in detail on my website. Anyway, the new bottle won’t be delivered until Monday, and my Century is tomorrow. The one I planned on using it in. *grumble* I will have two bottles mounted on my frame for the ride.
I was searching around for info about behind the seat bottle cages. Supposedly they are less aerodynamic, but mnay triathlete still use them. Why? Because they need lots of water? Because they are cool? They really are cool looking and scream This Is A Triathlon bike! :)
Sorry, I keep getting off on tagents. I was doing research, and I found a reference to a different setup a water bottle on the aerobars. The bottle is horizontal. It looks like it might be aerodynamic. I searched around and found the brack is made by Vision Tech and is called Drinkmore.
I like the idea of able to use a standard bottle. I think in some races, you can just discard the bottles you have, and the aid stations give you new filled bottles. That might helpful to have a standard cage.
The questions are, is the Vision Tech Drinkmore System more aerodynamic than the Profile Design Aerodrink System? I think I would be more likely to drink often from the aerodrink system, since it would be right there in my face. I could lean forward, and take a sip of water every now and then. The Vision Tech Drinkmore system would require me to pull the bottle out, pop the top, drink, close the top, and replace the bottle. I might be likely to drink less often. Not sure.
I will have to see how the Aerodrink bottle works when it comes next week.
And I still am researching the behind the seat bottle cages. They do look really cool! :)