AT the off-road duathlon that I raced a couple weeks ago, a handfull of the guys had aerobars on their mountain bikes. Upon inspection they seemed to be the same style and brand. The brand was Profile Design. I wasn’t sure of the model. When I got home, I started searching the internet and found that they seemed to be the Century model.
I started watching ebay. The Profile Design Century Aerobars seemed to sell for $40-$55 when you included shipping. I watched and bid on a few sets until I got one for just under $40. They came in the mail and were easy to install. The tricky part is figuring out the position. I mounted the aerobars on my road bike, which I ride more often than my mountain bike, while I had my stem positioned a little higher. They fit perfectly. They were very comfortable to ride on. But when I lowered my stem, the aerobars weren’t quite as comfortable. I may either readjust the aerobars, or raise the stem back up. I raised the stem in the first place because I thought the drop bars were positioned too far below the height of the saddle. So I raised them, but then I worried they wer too high, so I lowered them again. I will probably raise them again. Even raised, they are about about 4 inches below the top of the saddle.