There is less than a week to my 50 miler. I am planning on taking it easy, and having a relaxing 50 mile ride to celebrate my birthday.
I have been spending the morning overhauling my Trek 1000. The chain was filthy. I used my Park chain cleaner, and then relubed it, and now it looks great. The back hub seemed good, so I didn’t take it apart. I did flush and relube the freewheel. The bottom bracket wasn’t as free as I think it should be, so I took it apart. The bracket was of a type that took a pin spanner. I didn’t have one. I made one out of a piece of coat hanger real quick just to get the thing off. I took it to the LBS to order a sealed bearing replacement. The new bracket should be in Thurday or Friday. So I may clean the existing BB up, relube it, and reinstall it. I thought about buying a pin spanner when I was at the LBS, but I didnt. I am supposed to go by that area later, so maybe I will stop in and buy a pin spanner. Then depending on whether the new BB shows up in time, I can replace it at that point, or even after the ride.