For my ride yesterday, I wanted to ride some place, have breakfast and ride home. I wanted to ride about 40 miles total. I didn’t want anything with lots of killer hills, but not flat either. So I started playing with Google Maps, and found the town of Newark was about 19 miles away. I knew there was a McDonalds and a BK there. I knew the roads, so I knew the terrain wasn’t too killer, but would still give me a good workout. I used to doublecheck the terrain, just to make sure there were no major surprises. The hardest hill is always going to be coming back to my house. I live on a hill, so no matter what direction I ride, I will have a steep 225-250 foot climb at the end of my ride.
Now that I am trying to increase my time and mileage on the bike, I will probably be playing with google maps and other tools a lot to find interesting bike routes. I would like to be doing 50 plus mile rides every Sunday morning. I think that would be doable, and add to my conditioning.