I won the auction for $20.50 and planned to pick it because it was local. But I was then informed by the seller that I had to pay $30 because they had already paid a guy to disassemble and box the bike. I was not too happy about that, and I am less so now. So that plus NY sales tax, I paid $54.66. I took the afternoon off from work yesterday, and headed over to pick it up. It was almost an hour and a half drive. The bike was boxed, It was actually multiple boxes taped together. The box would fit into my car, so I had then remove it from the box. The boxing job was very amateurish! They had removed one pedal, but probably should have removed both. The pedal, a bolt, and the quick release part from the from wheel were just floating around the box loose. Luckily they didn’t get thrown away. I was thinking I could use the bike for parts. But there aren’t too many parts on there that are better than what I already have on my Trek 700 MultiTrack. I might be able to use the rear wheel, but I don’t know yet. It has a 6 cog cassette on it, while my Trek has a 7 cog cassette. Not sure if I can swap them. I will try it. The bike was dirty, and not in good shape. The auction said the guy had tuned the bike before the auction. I am not sure what that means. The front brake isn’t even hooked up. It doesn’t look like anything was done with the bike. At this point, I will probably stick it off to the side. I need to get my garage cleaned out so I have room to work. Then I want to start cleaning up the Trek and see what I have to work with.