While across town, I stopped into the a clearance store for the local sporting good store. I was looking mainly for a running hat, but I was surprised to find they had a ton of bike stuff. And I was really surprised when I found a whole load of Pedro’s cone wrenches!!!! The good ones with the yellow handles. And they were all 40% off the lowest ticket price! I ended buy two 13mm wrenches, two 14mm wrenches, two 16mm wrenches, a 32mm wrench, and a 36mm wrench. The two biggest cost about $4.50 each, and the smaller ones cost about $2.50 each! I also bought a bottom bracket tool. I have a Park Tools version, but I got this one dirt cheap, so I have a backup. And I also bought a Predro’s freewheel remover. Again, I have a Park Tools freewheel remover, but I got a backup at a price I could’t turn down!
Then I got a small bottle of Pedro’s lubricant!
I had been thinking about ordering a set of the Pedros wrenches! I have even been watching and eBay auction. Now I just need to buy a couple 15mm wrenches. I have a cheap Park Tools 15mm/16mm wrench that will work for now.