After I finished overhauling the front and rear hubs, I still have some time. I decided to overhaul the bottom bracket. I removed the cranks using my Park crank puller tool. They were really on tight! I am kind over doubting they have ever been removed before. I removed the lock ring using my Park lockring tool. It seems like there has to be something better. It is hard keeping the lock ring tool from slipping off the lock ring. After getting the lock ring off, I got my bottom bracket tool to remove the adjustable cup. It was on pretty tight. It was tough keeping the tool from slipping out when trying to turn it. After getting the adjustable cup off, I went to remove the spindle, but it was being held in place pretty firmly by the shield. I decided to remove the fixed cup. I knew the fixed cup was going to be really tight! There was no way that I would be able to keep the tool engaged while turning it by hand. So I got a big C-clamp, and had it placed over the back of my ratchet wrend hold it on the cup. I slipped a cheater bar over teh end of the wrench, and cranked it. I quickly got the cup loose. Keep in mind that the fixed cup is removed by turning it clockwise, otherwise you will have an even harder time removing it! I removed the C-clamp and easily removed the fixed cup. The spindle was still not wanting to come out, adn I didn’t want to remove the shield, so I lef the spindle in place. I soaked the parts in mineral spirits to clean off the old grease. I re-greased the parts and reassembled the bottom bracket starting on the fixed cup side. The adjustable cup side took a little bit of work to get the cup adjusted, and then to get the lock ring locked in place. I am goin gto find a better lock ring tool. I think I have seen one that is like a pair of needle nose pliers.