I have been using a Cycleops Wind trainer for the last couple years. I got a great deal on it. Free! I had been thinking of buying a mag trainer or a fluid trainer at the time, and then one day while driving to working, someone had stuck a wind trainer out on the curb for someone to take away. I took it! :) It has worked great. I have been using it more and more. And with my goal of doing an Ironman triathlon, I am probably going to be spinning even more. The wind trainer works great, but it is noisy. I have to have the TV turned up to full volume to hear it.
So I decided to start shopping for a new trainer. I read lots of reviews. The fluid trainers seemed to be quieter than the mag trainers. The Cycleops trainers seemed to be built sturdier than other trainers, so I decided to stick with Cycleops . And among the Cycleops trainers, the Fluid 2 seemed to be the quietest from the reviews I have read. I believe the resistance is supposed to be more road-like as well.
I debated about buying one off of ebay, but was concerned about have problems, and not having any warranty protection. I searched around and found a Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer at a place name Modern Bike (ModernBike.com) for $230 and free shipping. Nice. I ordered it and they shipped it the same day. It is scheduled for delivery on Saturday. It will be be nice to spin and have it be quieter. Maybe I will be able to spin down in the living room while watching TV with my wife.
I’ll probably sell my Cycleops Wind trainer on ebay to help recoup some of the cost of the fluid trainer.