I signed up for my first century bike ride today. I am planning of riding my Trek 1000. But the seat that came on my Trek 1000 when I got it was a Ritchie Logic. It is hard and very uncomfortable. It is actually the only seat that I have really disliked. I have a gel seat on my cyclo-cross bike. I debated about switching it to my Trek 100, but I decided just to get a new seat. I have heard a lot of people raving about Brooks saddles. They are leather and break in to fit you perfectly, and are supposed to be very comfortable. I know some of the Brooks saddles have double rails and require a special seat post bracket. But I didn’t want to mess with that. I knew some of the newer ones had single rails. So I searched around found the Brooks B17 Standard. It is a less expensive version of another Brooks saddle. I am not so concerned about weight that I am counting grams. Yes the Brooks saddle is heavier than some seats, but if it is more comfortable for a 100 mile ride, that will more than make up for a small amount of weight. So I ordered the Brooke B17 Saddle. It cost $52, plus shipping. I ordered some Proofride with is stuff that you rub into the leather to keep it soft. I also ordered the special wrench that is required to tighten the leather when it needs it.