My current road bike is a 1990 Trek 1000. I use it for all my training rides and for spinning on my wind trainer. But the bike is almost 20 years old. It has been upgraded some, but the components are still old. The wheels are basic non-aero profile wheels. with lots of round wind beating spokes.
I am looking at trying a triathlon, possibly even an Ironman… I wanted a newer bike, preferably a tri bike. I have friends with expensive tri-bikes. I didn’t want to spend $3000-$6000 for a bike though.
I started searching for an entry level tri-bike. I was intially looking at some bikes made by Felt and Jamis.
I found one place selling a 2006 Jamis Trilogy Early Intro tri bike for a little over $1100. The regular Jamis Trilogy (non early intro) was going for a little more.
I kept searching, and found a 2006 Jamis Comet as a closeout for $739 JensonUSA. It is more of a base model than the Trilogy. The Trilogy has Ultegra derailuers, and the Comet has 105 derailuers. The MSRP for the Trilogy is about $2000, and the Comet has a MSRP of $1375. The frame on the Comet is aero, just not as aero as the Trilogy. But overall it looks like a good bike, much better than my old Trek. I mean, the newer 105 stuff is probably better than 20 year old Dura-Ace stuff, much less the 105 and Suntour stuff that is on my old Trek. The Jamis has a 10 speed freewheel compared to the 7 speed freewheel on my old Trek.
I think it will be fun. I am hoping it comes before my 100 mile ride at the end of the month! That would be cool! :)
2006 Jamis Comet triathlon bike