Before I left my old Trek road bike in Washington when moving to New York, I removed the Cateye Micro CC-6000 bike computer, and carefully packed it into it’s original box. The unit was kind of expensive back then, so I wanted to save it for when I got a new bike.
Finally 13 years later, I bought a new bike…a Diamondback mountain bike. Last night, I went to hook up my old Cateye cyclocomputer. I managed to hook up the main computer part to the handle bars, and the cadence sensor to the chainstay. But when I went to hook up the wheel sensor to the rear part of the chain stay, the diameter of the chainstay tube was too large for the sensor mounting part to wrap around. I may try to call Cateye later today and see if they have any suggestions. My guess is that the best solution would to buy a newer model of Cateye. But hopefully the newer models will have a better mounting system they will accomodate the larger diameter frame tubes found on modern mountain bikes. I might be able to modify the wheel sensor mounting mechanism, so that I can attach it using a zip-tie.