After running 11 miles earlier today, and then doing a 2 hour karate class (as well as running 7 miles yesterday, and riding 10 miles), I decided I wanted to go for a bike ride. I bought a Planet Bike 5000X bike light, but hadn’t used it yet. Tonight was the night. I changed clothes, took my bike out, and got ready to go. The light has two levels of light, but I left it on the lower level. Since much of my ride was on the shoulder of a road that I have ridden and run before, I didn’t feel I needed the brighter light setting. If I were on trails, I would probably use the brighter setting.
I had planned to take a leisurely ride, but ended up going aggressively. It was fun. I rode the 5.5 miles to the Burger King, ate some food, and then rode home. Well, rode most of the way home. My legs are kind of toasted, and I was having a hard time keeping going up the hill, that I finally got off, and pushed the bike at a couple of the steepest parts.
Whew, I am tired! Tomorrow night is more of a rest night. No running, no riding. Only an hour long Aikido class.
Tuesdays I normally have a karate class, but no class this week due to Columbus Day. I still am supposed to run 4 miles Tuesday night, so I may go for another night bike ride.