When I bought my Trek 1000 on eBay it came with brand new 700c x 32 knobbies. I have no idea why the guy put knobbies on it. I planned on replacing the knobbies with skinnier road tires in the spring. But when I inflated the knobbies to the recommended 85psi, they rubbed against the bracket between the seat stays.
So last night on my way home from work, I bought a pair of 700c x 23 Specialized Armadillo All-Condition tires. I read a bunch of reviews for these tires, and they sounded like what I wanted. Light, but tough, and will last a while. They have a kevlar lining, so are flat resistant. I also bought the appropriate inner tubes with presta valves.
I used to have some tires tools, but I have no idea where they are. Probably lost in some move or other, or buried in a box. My bicycle repair book recommended a CrankBrothers Speed Tool. The bike shop where I bought the tires didn’t have any. They did have Parl Tool tire levers, but I wanted to try the Crank Brother’s Speed Tool. I had called another bike shop, and they had one. So after picking up the tires, I headed over to the other shop, and bought the tool.
When I got hone, I pulled the front wheel off the Trek. I let the air out, and then attempted to use the speed tool. Just lever it in, snap it to hub, and slide it along. Yeah right. It wouldn’t slide. I looked at the directions again. It mentioned that if the tire to rim fit was tight, use some soap water, or spit. So I used some spit, and with some work, and the rounded handle of a dinner fork, I managed get the tire off the rim.
I put a litte air in the new tube. I slid the new tire half on the rim. I inserted the tube, and then use the Speed Tool and the fork handle, I managed to get the tire fully on the rim. I rolled the tire back and forth to get the tube and tire in the proper position. Then I inflated the tire to 120psi. This was a trick. I am not used to Presta valves. A Presta Valve adaptor came with my tire pump. I pulled the valve cap off, unscrewed the little valve, and pushed the adaptor on the valve, and screwed it on a little. I then pumped up the tire to 120psi. Then everytime I remove the adaptor, the little O ring pops out. Then I have to shove it back in, and try to get it seated. No instructions came with my pump on how to use the adaptor. I just looked online, and found instructions for how to use the little adaptor. Apparently, I was supposed to unscrewed the little valved all the way out, then screw the adaptor all the way onto the Presta valve stem. Ahhh! Next time!
Then I replaced the back tire. I know the CrankBrother’s Speed Tool is supposed to work similar to the way the big car tire shop power tools work. But thinking about it, the brush on some stuff before removing, or replacing a tire. Soap water? Next time, I will slather up the tire before using the tool!
Trek 1000