After overhauling the front and rear hubs, and the bottom bracket, I roughly assembled my wifes bike. She didn’t like the handlebars that came with the women’s Trek 700. The handlebars weren’t like mountain bike type handle bars, but more like comfort bike type bars. So I swapped them for the handle bars that had come on my men’s Trek 700 which are more like mountain bike style. This involved removing the brakes and shifters, and moving them over to the new bars.
After getting all that done, I took a closer look at the cables. The cables were in bad shape. The front deraileur wasn’t even connected. And since the front brakes had been missing, there was no cable there. I bought new brake & shifter cables yesterday, along with some brake cable housing (and some of those little end pieces). I roughly installed the brake cables, but the brakes aren’t moving evenly. So I will pull the brakes off, lube em up, put em back on, and get em all adjusted.
I started to install the shifter cables this morning. But I noticed the shifter cable housings are not in good shape. They are kinked in spots. So I am going to stop by the local bike shop to pick up some new shifter cable housing, and maybe finish getting them hooked up tonight.