Okay, so they aren’t dedicated bike tools like Park. I wanted some tools to fill gaps in what I currently own. I needed a cable cutter. There were also a few other tools I wanted. So I headed off to Harbor Freight Tools.
They had a couple different cable cutters. A 9″ aviation cable cutter, and a 10″ cable cutter. The aviation cable cutter had a mechanism for better leverage, and I ended buying that one. I hoped to use it for cutting brake & shifter cable housings.
I wanted a metric sized hex bit socket set. They had one on sale for $6.99, and another one for $9.99. The one for $9.99 was a 6 piece ball head set with 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm and 10mm sockets. The one for $6.99 was also 6 piece, instead of the 3mm and the 5.5mm sockets, they had a couple larger sizes. They also weren’t ball head. I bought the one for $9.99.
I looked at buying some open end wrenches with the idea of grinding the ends down to 2mm thick to use as cone wrenches. But the sale priced set lacked the 15mm size wrench.
I also bought a 4 piece ratcheting wrench set in metric sizes as well. It was on sale also.
The cable cutter worked okay on the brake cable. It didn’t work on the compressionless shifter cable at all. The ball tip hex bit sockets worked great! I haven’t used the ratcheting wrenches yet.