My wife and I went off for a leisurely ride along the canal. Actually leisurely rides are the only kind my wife does. I originally planned on doing a ride about 5 miles round trip. But my wife want to go a little further. So we ended up doing about 5.8 miles total. On the way back, my wife was complaining about how uncomfortable her seat was. I said we could look at getting her a new seat. I told her that they made seat designed for women’s anatomy.
Coincidently, my favorite local bike shop was very close to where we began, and would finished our ride. So we rode our bikes there. and parked them out front. We went inside and were looking at bike saddles designed for women. One of the guys who works there came over to help us. He told us about how the anatomical design is nice, but it all comes down to how the bike seat feels. He said that as long as we kept the card that came with the seat, we could return it. After asking what kind of riding my wife would doing (easy rides along the canal), he actually recommended another seat. It was a Cloud 9 comfort seat. It was wider than the other seats, and cushier. My wife said she tried it. Since her bike was right outside, we wheeled it in, and he installed it for us. My wife took the bike out for a quick ride. She liked the seat. When I saw her riding, I saw her butt wobbling back and forth. Since this seat was thicker, it was now to high. My wife said the seat was the right height. I laughed, and told her it was too high. I lowered it about 1/2 an inch. When we got back on the road, she didn’t wobble any more. I asked her how it felt, and she said it felt better. She liked the seat. I think we may be able to do slightly longer rides with her new seat.