I had been shopping around to buy a tri-bike. I couldn’t afford to buy a high end carbon fiber, pro level race bike. But I figured I might find a deal on an entry level tri-bike. I shopped around the net, and found some pretty good deals on Felt tri-bikes and tri-bikes made by Jamis. Then I found a listing at Jenson USA (jensonusa.com) for a 2006 58cm Jamis Comet for $739. It was a closeout. It had an aluminum frame, carbon fiber forks, Shimano 105 components. And it was the size of bike that my inseam indicated would fit me. All in all it seem like a great deal on the bike, and that it would be exactly what I was looking for. I did soem searches on Jenson USA, and most people gave them glowing reviews. So I decided to order the bike.
I found that a pro-build was included for free. I wasn’t sure what that was. I thought that they might put the bike together for pickup. But since I live 3000 miles away, I was having it shipped. But I did research and found a probuild is where they put the bike together, tune it up, adjust it, check it all out, then take it apart again, just enough to ship it. The web site said to allow 3 days for the pro-build. I ordered the bike on Friday 5/2. The bike was shipped on Thursday 5/8. So apparently the pro-build took longer. The bike was scheduled to arrive on Thursday 5/15, which it did. I opened the box, and found the bike very professionally packaged for shipping. Here is what it looked like out of the box:
Bike packed for shipping

I carefully started cutting the zip ties to remove the various parts. I first set about attaching the aerobars. This was the hardest part. I ended up removing the clipons and re-attaching then a couple times so the cables were routed properly. Next I attached the front brake, and then installed the front wheel. For a moment I thought they had forgotten to include the skewer for the fron wheel. But I looked inside the big box and found another smaller box which had some more parts including the skewer. The front brake was adjusted to tight, and even with the brake release flipped open, I had a tough time getting the wheel on. I made a small adjustment to the brake cable. I also set about adjusting the brake so it was lined up to close on the rim evenly.
I installed the seat/seatpost. I set it to 30 inches height from the center of the crank. This is the proper height for me based on my inseam measurement. I hadn’t tightened it enough, and it slipped on my first test ride. I reset it, and tightened it more, and now it seems solid.
I found one of the rear brake pads was completely loose. I positioned it and tightened it. Since this is a race bike, I removed the reflectors! Nothing says you don’t know what the heck you are doing like having reflectors on your race bike. I pulled the Shimano M520 pedals from my mountain bike and installed them on this bike. I may look at buying regular road SPD type pedals, or I might stick with the 520’s. Not sure yet.
When I got everything together, I took it out for a test ride.
My new bike all put together

As I mentioned, the seat slipped, so I reset it, and tightened it more. The rear derailleur was slightly off, and was trying to switch into a different gear occasionally. I adjusted the index slightly and fixed that. The front derailluer was installed at a wierd angle and was shifting wierd. I loosened it, line the derailluer cage up with the rings, and tightened it. I then adjusted the limiting screws and had it shifting smoothly. I also tweaked the aerobars a little. I moved the arm rests out about a centimeter each. I might move them a touch more.
Another test ride.
Test riding my new bike

I am sure I will spend more time on the bike making adjustments. Especially to the aero bars, getting the angles right. I am hoping to go for a long ride on Sunday if weather permits. I will bring my tools in case I need to make some on-the-road adjustments.

Overall my experience with Jenson USA was good. I think the pro-build could have been a little better. I think the bike should have been shipped a little sooner based on their “allow 3 business days” note. Would I buy another bike from them, or other stuff? Yeah, I would.