A friend of mine was talking about how much he liked her Kreitler Rollers bicycle trainer. I looked into buying one but while I though the roller trainer looked really cool, the price was more than I wanted to spend.
But the other day I was looking a bike auctions near my location, and found someone selling a roller trainer made by Minoura. The resistance is magnetic. It was listed with a starting bif of $45, and a buy it now price of $65. I did some searching for reviews, and for the most part the reviews were pretty good. One thing mentioned often was the magnetic resistance is the same on the various settings. While not the same quality as a Kreitler, it seemed like a good unit. The prices listed were all over $100. So even the buy it now price of $65 seemed like a great deal. So I bought it. A little while later while doing some searching I found the guy had listed the same set of rollers on Craigslist for $60. So I could have saved $5. Oh well. I contacted the guy, and picked up the rollers last night. When I got home, I set them, and tried them out. Wow! They are tough. It is work trying to keep my bike on the rollers. I think it is going to be great for moothing out my riding, and making me a better rider though. I still think I got a great deal. And if I decide I don’t like them, I can probably sell them for more than I bought them for!