I think I have decided as far as a road bike, to find a nice vintage Trek road bike. I kind of regret having passed up the Trekk 400 that was on eBay over in Syracuse. I set up to bid $77, but it went for $108. I am not sure exactly what year or model I am looking for. Probably either a racing model, or a sport model. I am watching a few Treks on eBay, but the shipping would be an additional $50 or so. So depending what kind of price I can get. If I go with an older model, it will likely be a 10 speed. If I get a little newer, it might be 12 speed. There is a Trek 400 with the brake cables coming up and over the handlebars. There is a Trek 420 with the brake cables tucked away. It looks like an 18 speed. One think that bugs me is the wheels don’t match. It looks like the read wheel had been replaced. If I get a Trek, I think it would be cool to have it totally original. Kind of like a classic car. So I guess if I buy a vintage Trek, I would like to get a higher end bike, and all original. I will keep watching the ebay ads, and craigslist ads. I am not in a particular hurry.
Another bike that is listed on eBay is a Trek 370. It looks nice, but has BioPace chainrings. Not sure if the BioPace chainrings are original, or if I would even want the BioPace chainrings. I have read they are hard on the legs.