I have decided that I want to try a triathlon. At least a half Ironman, and probably a full Ironman. So maybe it’s time I update my bike. I have put a bunch of miles on my 1990 Trek 1000. But I am thinking I might want a better bike.
I glanced on ebay and found some nice bikes. I will keep monitoring. Not sure what I want though.
I also checked out craigslist, but didn’t see any tri-bikes there. I will keep an eye out.
I seached online and found one seller selling some of last years bikes for what looked like a great prices. Such as a 2007 Felt T43 Tri Bike for $900, or a 2007 Felt S32 Tri Bike for $1250. Another place had a 2006 Jamis Trilogy EI for $1160. At least these seem like great prices when I search for tri-bikes.
I stopped at one local bike shop and he had a couple Orbea triatlon bikes. One was selling for about $3700, and the other was more expensive. These are more than I want to spend. He mentioned that he might be able to get an entry level Jamis tri bike.
I think an entry level triathlon bike would be fine. I just want to finish the triathlons in a decent time. I have no ambitions of winning them.
I will probably sell my recumbent bike to help pay for a new bike. The recumbent is okay, but I would ride a regular road bike more often I think.
I have a lot of training to do before I am anywhere near ready to do a half Ironman, so I have a lot of time to shop and do research. Still, it would be cool to have a nice new hot Tri bike! :)