After having some guys at the Louisville Ironman recommend the ISM Adamo Race Saddle, as well as a friend of mine, I decided to try them. I bought a yellow one for my tri bike. Not my first choice of color, but the cheapest one I could find. Well, second cheapest. I didn’t want pink. I didn’t have it for the Ironman. But I got it shortly after and did some longer rides with it. It is definitely seems to be more comfortable once I got it adjusted. Doing to the adjustments took a bunch of time. I think I have it dialed in pretty close. It might benefit from some tweaking still.
I have wanted to get another ISM Adamo Race Saddle for my road bike. I also looked at the ISM Adamo Road Saddle too. But it wasn’t much cheaper than the race saddle. I have been watching eBay hoping to get a deal on one. I even almost bought a pink one for $50. I offered the guy $45, he countered $50. But when I decided to buy it, he had closed the auction for some reason. Whatever. I did buy a grey one. So Tuesday while I was one sick from work, I took the time to measure the position of and remove the yellow seat from my tri bike, and install the grey one on the same position. Then I installed the yellow one on my older Trek 1000 road bike. I use this bike for spinning on the fluid trainer. So I can spend a lot of time on it. That’s why I wanted to have the same saddle on both of the bikes I train on. I spun for a couple miles, and I think I got the position pretty close. I will do more spinning when I start training for the Lake Placid Ironman.