A couple months ago, I bought my wife a Trek 700 bike with a women’s frame. It was missing some parts, but I had the parts at home. I built the bike up for her, and had her try it. She was okay on the flats, but struggled with going up hills. I noticed the gear wasn’t as low as on my Trek 700. My Trek 700 came with Shimano Megarange stuff on it.
I had the old cheap 7 speed Megarange freewheel that had come off my bike (what I replaced with a better Megarange freewheel). I installed it on her bike, but the deraileur didn’t like going into the lowest gear. So I went on eBay and bought a Megarange deraileur. It didn’t cost very much. When it came, I pulled off the old deraileur and left it dangling from the chain, and mounted the new Megarange unit. I realized I would also have to replace the chain as with the longer arm on the new Megarange derailer, it would need a longer chain. So I bought one at the LBS. I also found a deal on a new Megarange freewheel on ebay, and ordered it. It came yesterday.
So last night, I broke the old chain, and removed it with the old deraileur from the bike. I pulled off the rear wheel, removed the old freewheel, and installed the new lower-geared Megarange freewheel. I reinstalled the wheel, and broke out the new chain. I compared the new chain, to the old chain, and it was only a little longer. So I figured I wouldn’t need to remove any links. I ran the chain over the gears, and through the derailuer, and using my chain tool, pressed the pin into place.
But then I couldn’t get the derailer to go over to the largest cog. Uh oh! I was wondering if it was going to work. Then I thought it might be the limiting screw. I adjusted the limiting screw, and then I could get it to go to the largest cog. Wheewww! I installed the shifting cable, and set about adjusting the shifting. I have it mostly adjusted now. I will probably spending a little more time fine tuning it though.